What fans are saying...

The show's multicultural and multitalented performers defy the laws of gravity, if not rules of personal safety, in this supercharged celebration of freeform street choreography."
- NY Daily News

"All the dancers are excellent, irrepressibly bounding around the graffiti-painted, multilevel set with acrobatic zeal as they perform their own choreographed moves."
- Associated Press

"The dancing here is frequently incredible."
- Variety

"Take equal parts 'Fame' and 'A Chorus Line.' Add hip-hop and mix well. Result? GROOVALOO, an eye-popping display!"
- New York Post

"This troupe of 14 doesn't just think it can dance; it really can."
- The New York Times

"Infectiously exciting"
- The Star Ledger (NJ)

"GROOVALOO blends hip-hop and inspirational theatre - reason to cheer"
- The Star Ledger (NJ)

"GROOVALOO has the power to leave an audience slack-jawed and utterly BLOWN AWAY... I'm still not sure I believe what I saw or that human beings move with that kind of precision and abandon."
- Los Angeles Daily News

"Ninety minutes of highly CONTAGIOUS freestyle dancing...NONSTOP entertainment...POUNDING, EXHILARATING movement and vocals from the talented cast...emphasizes the artistry and dance of hip-hop."
- LA Weekly

"...the dance elements are relentlessly CREATIVE and DYNAMIC!"
- Variety.com

"The dancers contort their bodies in ways you would never think possible - spinning, flipping, twisting, sliding and making it look as if they've made up every move on the spot. The spontaneity is exhilarating, inspiring the audience - ranging from kindergartners to senior citizens - to applaud and even scream with excitement."
- Washington Square News

"GROOVALOO combines jaw-dropping displays of physicality with heart-pounding music and powerful stories that chronicle the struggles, hopes and triumphs of the 14-member cast."
- Broadway World

"Urban dance crew The Groovaloos are clearly as ambitious as they are mind-bogglingly talented."
- NY Theater

"A spiffy 85-minute show of locking, popping, free-styling, and spoken-word poetry that is theatrically slick and delightfully upbeat"
- Backstage

"Propulsive music by a terrifically wide array of pop artists, and first-rate, frequently astonishing dancing."
- Backstage

"Direct-current passion, the kids in the show are hard to beat- and just as difficult to resist."
- Talkin' Broadway

"Groovaloo Freestyle has enough action and excitement to satisfy viewers of all ages and enough depth of story to satisfy serious show goers."

"A positive, hysterical, non-stop action-packed performance for any dancer, no, any human being."

"The dancers dance for laughter, tears, madness, fears and hope. They create their dreams through movement. It is incredible how someone can express every little part of life by dancing."
- Play by Play Magazine

"The show is one that will be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. The music is fun, the dancing is spectacular, the message powerful."
- NY City Mama

"The Cirque Du Soleil of The Street."

"Magnificently entertaining... You cannot help but move!"
- Metro LA

"Breathtaking, heart-stopping... Jumps with excitement!"
- Entertainment Today

"I have never seen such dancing as in this show! The story about how dance has helped these kids lives, I think, is even newer. We know A Chorus Line. This is a different type of background than that, plus, it's the street."
- Gary Marshall Director/Writer/Producer/Actor

"GROOVALOO is astonishingly UNBEATABLE...SHEER unrestrained JOY..."
- Burbank Leader

"Energy OOZES off the stage as a gaggle of dancers swagger into HEART-STOPPING head-spins and cool popping machinations..."
- Dance Magazine

"What's GROOVALOO? It's hip-hop, break dancing, and improvisational athleticism that never quits."
- Metro LA

"The Groovaloos! They should be playing Carnegie Hall, I'll tell you that much!"
- Wayne Brady - Emmy Award Winner

"A unique blend of spoken word poetry, true-to-life narratives, and, of course, jaw-dropping choreography."
- CityScoopsNY.com

"Boy do they groove! From the very first beat that pulsated across the stage, this show gives off a primal energy that it sustains through multiple, rousing group numbers and scintillating solos."
- CityScoopsNY.com

"Each cast member shines."
- Columbia Spectator

"The Crowd was in an uproar, and the applause was well-deserved."
- Columbia Spectator

"GROOVALOO is just about as vibrant a piece of theatre as you could wish for. This 90-minute explosion of hip-hop and freestyle dance is so energetic and eye-catching that it nearly pops off the stage."
- CurtainUp.com

"Boy, can these people dance! This energetic show glows with an unabashed love for dancing, an impressive display of physicality, and an inspirational invitation to live life to the fullest."
- CurtainUp.com

"What an unexpected, fantastic, exciting, spectacular, inspirational evening of invigorating hip hop dancing and unique storytelling presented by the fourteen member Groovaloos. In a word. GO!"
- TalkEntertainment.com

"The sheer brilliance of the originality of the choreography does with hip-hop what Michael Bennett did with A Chorus Line"
- TalkEntertainment.com

"Someone forgot to tell the cast of GROOVALOO about the laws of gravity, because for 90 minutes, this award-winning troupe of dancers continually defies it with their many spectacular moves"
- Theatermania.com

"This is a hip hop, break dancing, pop locking extravaganza well worth the price"
"Incredible. Gravity defying. I've seen this show 3 times now."

"And please take the teens and younger kids. Great introduction to the power of dance."

"This is the second time I've seen this show, and it was just as great as I remember. It's sort of like the Chorus Line for today's generation -- the dancing and stunts are outstanding and creative, but the stories make it memorable...and moving, as a lot of the original performers are still playing themselves."

"Hands-down one of the best dance performances I have ever seen. I took my 8-year-old who was absolutely spellbound. It was cultured without being pretentious whatsoever; with a storyline that was poetic and touching. Definitely a must-see -- whether or not you are a fan of hip-hop and/or freestyle dance."

"I felt so connected to the group of dancers! This relatively small theatre was perfect to convey this intimate feeling. Each of their stories were so personal and to be able to express their struggles, hopes and dreams in such an energetic form is truly remarkable. It was inspiring for my young son, in his words; "I loved it!!!" It made me dance in my seat. Thanks all you Groovaloos!"

"watched the show with our 9 and 4 yr old daughters and our friends' 3 yr old son. all 3 kids never took their eyes off the stage!"

"Such a powerful performance, very electrifying! Beautifully choreographed routines paired with strong storyline that was both compelling and inspiring. Definitely one of the best dance performances I have ever seen. I took my girlfriend to see the show, and the whole evening she couldn’t stop raving about Lindsey "LindseyB Outthere" Blaufarb from Beat Freaks and Steven "Boogieman" Stanton."

"If you like watching America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance, then you will enjoy this show. Its even better watching the hip hop dancers live because you can really feel their energy and enthusiasm and you can cheer them on as they do some amazing dance moces"

"We loved this production. The dancing, choreography, staging, etc. were impeccable. Run, don't walk to see this play."

"This show is phenomenal. I can't recommend it enough. I would see it again tonight!"

"Absolutely AMAZING dance show...get ready to laugh, cry and get groovy."

"Outstanding show with phenomenal dancing! We took our whole family including Grandparents and three elementary school age kids. Everybody could not stop talking about their favorite dance move or dancer after the show. The positive stories that enveloped the dancing were inspiring - giving our kids a glimpse of street life without all the language, drugs, and violence. We go to lots of Broadway shows and were so impressed with the creativity and choreography. The subtle touches amazed us as much as the blowout wild hip hop moves where the dancers sky in the air or spin on the ground. Don't miss it!"

"This is a high energy show. It was like being in the audience of So You Think You Can Dance. It is a show for all ages"

"Absolutely fantastic! I could easily go see it again. If you love dance, you will love this."

"Wait 'til you see them... Unbelievable!" - Ellen DeGeneres

In January 2009, The Groovaloos were chosen by mega-producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller to represent the United States in the Olympian-scale international competition series SuperStars of Dance on NBC. The premiere of SuperStars was the highest rated show for NBC since February 2008 outside of a sporting event and was described as one of the greatest spectacles of dance performance ever seen on television. The Groovaloos consistently won over judges and viewers alike with jaw-dropping dance performances mixed with their patented theatrical take on street, funk and hip hop. It was an incredible achievement and honor for the company and the group brought home the championship trophy home for the US in front of tens of millions of viewers. Dance superstar himself and host Michael Flatley had this to say, "...the Groovaloos from America that just are all over the stage popping and jumping and hopping and spinning, and doing back flips - just a sensational mix. It's intoxicating!"

Now, over the years forming the family that is The Groovaloos, the group has not only become one of the most successful dance groups of their time but has become a central hub and meeting point for much of the larger hip hop dance community. Key members of the JabbaWockeez, SuperCr3w, Killifornia, and The BeatFreaks, are all part of the Groovaloos family, remain so, and were rooted in The Groovaloos before the other groups came about. Time after time members of The Groovaloos are called upon when a true representation of the art form is required, whether its eighteen Groovaloos being recruited for the largest online and TV dance battle between Miley Cyrus and Jon Chu, or when ten Groovaloos are sent to New York to provide the dance excellence required for the ambitious Step Up 3D feature film. All this while Groovaloos b-boys travel the globe judging and hosting hip hop events and jams from Australia to Rome.

Credits aside, the beauty of The Groovaloos brand lies in its genesis. From casual get-togethers at Bradley's tiny Hollywood apartment to weekly "Groove Nite" hang outs at a small dance studio, this diverse group of performers came from all over the country and beyond, and joined together over the years through a genuine love of freestyle and the hip hop dance culture. The commercial success they've achieved is matched by their integrity and the respect they have for the art form they represent. The story of their emotional bonds and the family they have formed is both unique and utterly universal. As a reflection of that, The Groovaloos are bringing a much needed inspirational element within the dance culture to the masses, weaving a sense of story and purpose into their work. In a world of hype and trendy slogans, The Groovaloos consistently stand out as a vibrant and refreshingly real offering.

"The Groovaloos are everything that our country is about." - Marguerite Derricks, renowned choreographer

There is definitely something special in the make up and structure of this groundbreaking performance company. Rave reviews such as, "The Cirque du Soleil of the Street", only add fuel to the groups goal of spreading the power, joy and creativity of hip hop and the street dance cultures with the world. Through venues such as their infamous and now permanent weekly Groove Nite open dance jams, The Groovaloos continue to provide a place to build relationships, train in the craft at the highest levels, and find support for your hopes and dreams.