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About the show

Co-creators Bradley "Shooz" Rapier and Danny Cistone have collaborated with members of the award winning Groovaloos to create the hip hop sensation, GROOVALOO. Cistone, who also directs the production, worked with Rapier and The Groovaloos over a period of years exploring actual experiences of individual members and of the group as a whole. The process was challenging to say the least as various members were pushed to the limit, revealing their deepest fears and personal secrets along the way. Based on these true-to-life stories of The Groovaloos themselves, and told by the dancers who lived them, GROOVALOO combines the authenticity of A CHORUS LINE with the energy of STOMP as it embarks on a journey through the diverse world of hip hop dance. Driven by jaw-dropping displays of physical ability, a vibrant musical score and powerful spoken word poetry, the show's intertwined stories chronicle the struggles, hopes and triumphs of the 14-member cast as they discover the true meaning of family and share what it's like to be "in the circle".

"Life isn't always choreographed, sometimes you have to freestyle."

Whether one is a dancer or not, this line heard by BoogieMan in GROOVALOO is central to the shows theme. There are moments in your life when you simply have to trust and continue to move forward when you have absolutely nothing prepared or seemingly nothing to offer.

GROOVALOO has played to critical acclaim and sell out crowds, grabbing the attention of celebrities such as Madonna, Pink, Laurence Fishburne, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaime Pressly, and Justin Timberlake, all who have come to see productions of GROOVALOO. From fear to freedom, choreography to freestyle, and ballerina's to b-boys, GROOVALOO has inspired audiences from all walks of life to celebrate their passion and purpose and in the process reveals the heart and soul behind this incredible art form.